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Analysis and insights from experts on world affairs - reliable and unbiased

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About Us

World political and economic events are becoming more complex. Understanding them requires time, in-depth research and analysis - and access to a network of experts., a website provided by Geopolitical Information Service AG, offers all these elements. It is an online information platform with access to a worldwide network of experts and in-depth research and analysis providing insight on relevant topics in geopolitics, economics, defence & security and energy.

We provide reports which are:

• undistorted and unbiased

• based on facts and analysis from experts

• driven by relevance rather than mainstream interest

• free of judgment and advice

Complex topics are presented as mini-series where the information given in each report delivers a self-contained picture building to an overall understanding of the issue.

Reports are interrelated providing context and background and creating a library of information over time for the user.

Our offer:

We provide country reports and regional reports which

• analyse the political situation

• analyse economic development

• analyse defence & security concerns

• analyse energy opportunities

• analyse interdependencies between countries and/or regions

• deliver continuous follow-ups on relevant issues

Our regions:

• Europe

• North America

• Latin and South America

• Russia and neighbouring countries

• Middle East

• Africa

• South Asia

• Asia including India, China and Japan

• Australia is a community website, free of charge, offering various opportunities to follow and share content. Registration allows users to create and manage their own profile

Registered users can:

• follow areas of interest by adding tags to their profile

• follow experts

• create their own collection of reports

• comment on reports and get in touch with experts

Our experts:

Our experts include academics and individuals with proven, long-term and practical experience in business, politics, the diplomatic service, intelligence services and government advisors.

Our location:

Geopolitical Information Service AG is based in Liechtenstein, a country which has no stake in international power – politics, which matches our aims and principles.

The company was founded in 2011 by H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, a widely - recognised entrepreneur and expert in the field of global geopolitics and economics. He is President of the European Centre of Austrian Economics Foundation (ECAEF), a liberal think-tank based in Liechtenstein as well as co-founder of several other international think-tanks.

See us at

Geopolitical Information Service AG

Place of registered business:

c/o Industrie- und Finanzkontor Etablissement

Herrengasse 21

9490 Vaduz


Tel. +423 231 1941

Fax. +423 231 1944

E-mail: barich

Commercial register of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Register number: FL-0002.363.548-7

Tax identification number: 57784

Bank account:

LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG

IBAN LI29 0881 0000 0079 6403 7

CEO: Reiner Mittelbach

Management board:

H. S. H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Count Francis of Seilern-Aspang

Editorial Chief: Reiner Mittelbach

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